It’s that time of the year! The onset of fall and winter holidays has begun, and what perfect way to begin the season with dressing up and getting creative with makeup? Here are a few really, really interesting makeup looks that are kind of creepy, kind of cool, and definitely something that would be remembered.

1.) ¬†Comic Book Girl – A really cool idea with you’re good with sharp lines and have a steady hand.

Pop Art


2.) Dark Demon – We’re not sure how they pulled off those eyes, but it looks incredibly chilling and those red lips really pull the whole thing together.


3.) Mermaid – Much more intricate and decorated, but you could pull off voluminous hair and rhinestones in one look.

Green Halloween Makeup


4.) Evil Mime – A really minimalist and clean look for those who don’t like fussy makeup and hair.



5.) Cheshire Cat – A blue version looks great, even though the original was pink & purple. Contacts would probably make this look, but you’d definitely have to be careful drawing the teeth.

Cheshire Cat make-up-going Halloween shopping tomorrow Im pretty sure this is the one!! :)


6.) Doe – A really pretty and simple look. It mostly involves just thick cat-eye eyeliner, a blackened nose and upper lip, and some dots for the mouth.

Halloween makeup by ronisilver


7.) Queen of Hearts – A very rich look, with warm colors. Definitely something that would be fun if you were interested in an intricate costume as well.

Queen of Hearts Halloween Makeup Tutorial (


8.) Elegant Skull Face – Really pretty with a retro-style or nice updo, and you really only need one color.

Halloween makeup


9.) The Corpse Bride – A lot of work, but really memorable.

A Minute in the Life of Maria: A Minute of Inspiration: Halloween Makeup


10.) The Black Swan – Very elegant, but creepy all the same.

Halloween Makeup Inspiration!