Our lives are hectic, with demanding bosses, insistent children and necessary errands on the schedule, but we never want that to show on our skin. Having a healthy dermis is important for many reasons, and there’s no shame in admitting beauty is one of them. But where can we find the time to devote to primping? Clean, refreshed skin actually takes less time than you might think, and just about everyone can squeeze five minutes from her busy day to follow this easy regimen. Try this routine tonight, and discover youthful, glowing skin that totally belies your brisk technique.

How to Prevent and Reduce Oily Skin on FaceCleanse

Sweat, dirt and makeup create acne, blackheads and shine, but removing them calls for care. Spend a minute or two carefully sponging away any eyeliner, mascara or other cosmetics, but avoid aggressive wiping as this can damage skin. Gentle products are best—dermatologists love Cetaphil—but natural options found in the pantry, like olive and coconut oil, are delicate and effective. Plus, they bring extra moisture to the table.

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Harboring dead skin cells can leave surfaces looking dull and tired, but exfoliating can help bring it back to life. Opt for speedy exfoliating pads you simply sweep across your face for the fastest deep cleaning action available. If you can spare an extra minute, throw together some baker’s sugar and olive oil and mix until they form a paste. Voila, instant scrub. Watch SunKissAlba for a more indepth video on how to make natural scrubs.

Skin Care 101: Spot TreatmentsTreat

We all suffer from unsightly blemishes from time to time, but there are easy ways to reduce their appearance and clear them away fast. Delicately dab on products with salicylic or glycolic acid; they help kill the bacteria that cause acne. Apply sparingly, too much can be drying.



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Girls with oily skin fear over-moisturizing, but this step is as necessary for greasy faces as dry. Spread on oil-free moisturizers to keep breakouts at bay while nurturing the skin. And to make dry skin dewy again, try a cream with ceramide; it’s a fatty acid that’s an integral component in healthy skin cells.

Every day is an uphill battle when it comes to accomplishing the tasks at hand and maintaining healthy habits, especially when it comes to our skin. But with just five minutes of care, we can all enjoy a beautiful exterior and a completed to-do list.