Ho ho ho! Tis the season to deck out your nails for those holiday parties and There’s no better time to experiment with fun nail designs than the most festive time of the year. If you aren’t the best at doing your own nails, do not fret, that is what Vagaro is for! Just book with your favorite nail technician at your local spa or salon and don’t forget to bring in a reference picture.

Red & Green Ornament Swirls


This is the kind of beautiful, elegant design that you can tweak to your own liking. Paint the tips of your nails like you would a French tip, but with green and red glitter-based nail polish. For best results, alternate the colors! After they dry, take a thin painting brush with a small tip, and swipe gently curving swirls of silvery polish at the tip of your colored tips. Give your nails one last clear top coat to prevent chipping.


Glossy Red & Silver Accent


A sweet and simple look. Paint those nails a lovely cherry red and go over the ring fingers with a few thick layers of a silver glitter polish. Another alternative is painting on a thick clear coat on your nail first then dip your finger into a pot of loose silver glitter for maximum glitter chunkiness.




Chic Christmas Stripes

The Christmas Edit: Christmas Nail Designs #Christmas #NailArt #ChristmasNails

This professional, polished look is perfect for those wanting richer tones. Layer on the green polish first, and once dry, use tape to guide where you want to paint the red and glitter-based polish. Tape will give you the cleanest lines.







Merry Santa Claus

Christmas nails. Wish they would really turn out this way if I tried to do it!

An adorable nail design; you can paint Santa’s face right on one of your fingers! For the rest of the nails just paint the top half a cherry red, add a silver glitter line, then finish off with your usual white French tip. For the Santa nail, paint the top third red, and then DOT three white connected dots with the tip of your brush.  Use a bobbypin or toothpick to dot black polish for eyes right below. Paint the tip French tip white, and paint the edges of your nails white to make the beard. Dot a bit of pink to make the nose!









Winter Sweater Nails

winter nails

You might have to take a trip to the salon or spa for this one, but rest assured, there is no right way to do this look. It’s all about patterning and contrast! Some designs can include: snowflakes, chevron, polka dots, and stripes. Paint a small deer on your thumb nail to complete a winter-y look!





Green & Gold

Christmas nails

Although lacking in reds, this look is still reminiscent of Christmas nonetheless! Pick out a Christmas tree green and coat all of your nails. Allow them to dry then layer thin strips of tape across your nails in the design you want. Then apply a rich gold-glitter based nail polish directly over the entire nail. Wait until all dry, and peel off those strips of tape to reveal the lovely green underneath!







 Black, Red, & Gold

Christmas nailsA darker, slightly edgier look that doesn’t look cute per se, but just as pretty and festive. Choose a black base, or if you want color, a dark navy or very deep purple. Coat the top with a combination of chunky red and gold glitter nail polish. Make sure to apply the glitter sparingly and spread it out!