Unlike Hogwarts, Middle Earth or Camelot, Panem, the fictional land found in the Hunger Games series, isn’t a place you’re likely to fantasize living. The feisty lead heroine, however, does inspire wistful aspirations of another sort, the desire to have her killer hairstyle. With the latest film installment bringing her braided tresses back to mind, and popularity, here are three fabulous incarnations of Katniss Everdeen’s singular style you can try, whether your hair is long and flowing, short and sprightly or somewhere in the middle.

Long and Lovely

Braids automatically have a whimsical, romantic air to them when twisted from dramatically long hair, and a classic French braid woven in a descending sideways pattern not only gives a nod to Katniss’s original style, it may also improve your archery skills. Leave a few face framing pieces out in front to mimic the original look, or pull your strands tight for a sophisticated, streamlined feel of which the Capitol would approve. Tutorial


Prim and Perfect

Medium lengths should take their style cues from Miss Everdeen’s younger sister, Prim. Her wraparound braid looks fabulous on mid-lengths, since it frames the face and adds interesting texture and volume. The chunky, Escher-like style relies on contrast for its stunning appearance, so make sure your version has a single clean braid and plenty of messy loose hair surrounding it. Even siblings of tributes are in the spotlight. Tutorial

"Never Let Me Go" Press Conference - 2010 Toronto International Film FestivalShort and Scrappy

Bobbed beauties don’t have to forego the fun of plaiting their hair just because there’s less of it. Some of the most gorgeous designs occur with mere tendrils of hair, and you can create complex styles, or have a stylist do it for you, by connecting several messy twists from front to back. Book an appointment with a short hair specialist through Vagaro and have him or her teach you a few tricks. Use lots of bobby pins, and don’t mind the tufts and puffs peeking out; they add dimension and playfulness.






Even if you never have to worry about being a tribute for District 12, you can look like a powerful teenage gladiator with a simple updo. Volunteer for plaits at your next hair appointment, and enjoy a survivalist style without sacrificing a single meal.