Got yourself a spa package or a gift card? About to go in for a lovely couple’s day spa or a relaxing retreat with your girlfriend? For most people, spa days are a rare treat, reserved for extra special days (or extra stressful days). Either way, there are a few things that as a customer, you should cover before going in to ensure that you’ll get the most out of your treatment! It also helps foster a better relationship with your therapist or beautician, which means that the next time you come in, they’ll be even better prepared to give you the best experience that they can!



booknow_3booknow_6Make a reservation. While some spas offer walk-ins, it takes some time to prepare for a relaxing atmosphere. If you make a reservation, they have more time to set up for you, ensuring the utmost care in giving you the best experience. Plus, you can never rely on walking in, since they could be closed for a special event or a bridal party. The best thing to do is book with them beforehand; you can look up and book with a business right on Vagaro.

Be on time. Or better yet, arrive 10 minutes early, especially if it’s your first time there. Reception might give you a short questionnaire to fill out about your health and any injuries and you don’t want the initial prep to cut into your valuable spa time! Plus, it’s also wise to be mindful to your service provider, since they are also on a tight schedule. You don’t want them to rush your service anyway!


bigstock-Smiling-Young-Woman-Relaxatio-6250430 (7)Be clean and free of jewelry. Your therapist will probably be using some kind of lotion or essential oil on you, and your skin will be best moisturized if its clear of dead cells and debris. Take a shower the day of the service, or at least the night before. It is also considerate to have good hygiene during the process. During the massage, be sure you aren’t wearing any jewelry that will get in the way.


bigstock-Massage-1800502 (1)Communicate with the service provider. It’s their job to make sure you are getting the most out of your treatment, and personal preference varies greatly when it comes to pressure and firmness. It’s not taboo to give them feedback during the massage; it helps you out and it lets them know that you are comfortable with them. Don’t forget to let them know when something feels great too!




Come in sick or contagious. While some spa treatments are all about health and wellness, it won’t make your virus or cold disappear. Many massages can actually lower your immune system temporarily if you don’t enough water afterwards, and your service provider won’t want to catch what you have, or have it passed onto their other clients.


bigstock-Drops-Of-Water-Around-The-Beau-15478295 (2)Forget your hygiene. If you are female, you don’t necessarily need to worry about shaving your legs or making sure your pedicure is perfect, but do make sure to exfoliate during your shower before the massage, and making sure you’re a clean slate before the treatment!



bigstock-studio-portrait-of-a-young-wom-17076473 (1)Speak too loudly. For the most part, if you are getting a full body massage you’ll probably be getting your own room. However, you should still be using a soft voice when speaking to your service provider, as the walls are probably not soundproof, and you don’t want to ruin the relaxing atmosphere anyway. If you are in the waiting area, you should still use a low voice, as your regular voice will probably carry even more in a quiet area. It is considerate to maintain the calming nature of the spa, in and out of the massage room!


bigstock-Portrait-Of-Happy-Woman-Shakin-43909345 (1)Forget to thank your therapist. Your therapist has to modify every service lightly to cater to their clients, and as one of them, you should let them know if you enjoyed your treatment. This applies especially if they gave outstanding service and went out of their way to make sure pressure was right, checked on how you were doing throughout the service, and made sure the service was everything you expected! Tip accordingly, and if you got a discount or a special price, tip the original price of the service.