1. Thinking, “If I BUILD it, they will come!”

Perhaps 20 years ago this would have been true but times have changed! It takes more than an open door to draw the attention of the consumer these days. With the access to the internet and the constant stream of marketing messages customers are bombarded with every day, you must be constantly marketing and reaching out to them in order to STAY top of mind with them.  If you don’t, your competitor probably is!

2. Not marketing to EVERYONE you know!

So many salon owners we talk to only market to their customers, but you are really missing the boat when you leave out other

  • Vendors,
  • Friends,
  • Family, and
  • Friends of family. 

It’s true that not everyone may be a prospect for your business, but they may become an amazing referral source! So what are you waiting for, don’t be shy; talk to EVERYONE you know!

3. Not having a CONSISTENT follow up marketing system!

This is a cardinal sin in our book and one of the biggest mistakes we see salon owners make! You’ve heard the saying, “The fortune is in the follow up”, right? So it makes sense that we should be spending time and money on this area of your marketing, wouldn’t you agree?

Spend time developing creative ways to follow up with every one of your customers, FREQUENTLY and CONSISTENTLY

4. Lack of understanding of their Target market.

Don’t skip this one because you think you know your target market. We guarantee that many of you are not as targeted as you should be in order to get results.

If I had a dollar for every owner who has said to me, “Our clients are from two to ninety two” I would be wearing a very nice diamond!!

It’s way too broad of a range! You need to drill down!!

Where does most of your money come from? Baby boomers? Teens? Professionals? Men?  Determine who puts the most money in your cash drawer; then and only then, can you develop a strategy to market to and attract your ideal client!  When was the last time you put out a client survey to better determine who your clientele is? 

5. Planning too much but not getting ANYTHING done!

This is something we see all the time. Most of us come to salon ownership through being a stylist/esthetician, and although we may be great at our chosen profession we often don’t know or understand what to do with the business aspect. We go into learning mode thinking we will just absorb it. But typically we don’t have time to really invest in learning everything we need to know, so again we make decisions based on limited information.  If you are a new business owner, and you are not sure what to implement or what to do, hire an expert in whatever area in which you need help; it’s much faster and less expensive.

 It’s time to implement!