As a busy stylist behind the chair every day, I am often asked, “What’s in style for hair?” or “What is happening with hair?” and “Is my style current?” As an educator for L’anza Healing Haircare, I get asked about what’s happening all over the country. I am sure many of you are getting the same questions. Sometimes they can be tough to answer. Styles for hair change and evolve from season to season. Remember when the “Rachel” was the haircut for several seasons? And if I hear ombre one more time I might run screaming. Have no fear. I actually may have some answers for you and myself. Hold tight and read on.



We just witnessed the extravagant gala that is the Oscars. Every year we watch and hold our breath as the beautiful people walk the red carpet. We are not concerned with what they are going to win just yet. No way! We want to see what they are wearing and what are they doing with that hair. Now you might be saying, “Wait a minute, Valerie! This is a formal event. How does that determine trends?”  Hang tight, I have some answers. When it comes to hairstyles in particular, formal or not, there are color and cuts happening all over the place during this epic event. Celebrities are who we look to for inspiration. They are who we talk about when discussing different types of looks for our clients. It also sends a message about what’s happening outside of our little corner of the world. Celebrities are among the first to wear what’s in and what’s new.


As I watched the hustle and bustle live on the red carpet, I noticed a lot of classic looks intertwined with a modern day twist. Elegance met with edge head on to create interesting pops of color and daring looks. Pink led the charge with a disconnected, short blonde, punk look. Her stylist softened her look by combing it back into a graceful up-swept do. The look was polished off with clean, beautiful, make-up and a stunning dress that honored the occasion. Sandra Bullock once again showed off a classic side swept wavy style with accents of caramel color in her brown locks. There was a variety of soft looks meeting hard edges. Hair color was spot on with variety and subtle statements. Even Liza Minnelli caught our eye with a pop of blue on her classy cut.




We can’t forget the men either. The men also ran the gamete for edge meeting classic. Jared Leto led the pack with his long locks and slightly highlighted ends while Joseph Gordon Levitt showed us that short and clean was also the way to go. Just like the women, the men are also playing with their looks. Zac Efron kept it short and textured to give us a funky meets classic cut look.

So when your clients ask you, “What’s in for the season?” you have the answer. The looks right now are freeing us. We are seeing everything from Pink’s disconnected look to Cate Blanchett giving us soft blonde waves. And who can forget newcomer and Oscar winner Lupita Nyong’o and her effortless look? She showed the Oscars and us how a simple style and a dazzling headband can update and inspire a look for any occasion.  The trends this season are indeed moving in the direction of simple, elegant, fun, and classic meeting edge. While we all remember and may have loved the “Rachel”, we are moving towards looks that are less contrived and extremely versatile for all occasions.  After all, the world record for most shared selfie photo was filled with just about every look just discussed.

Valerie Frazee grew up in the glitz and glamour of sin city, Las Vegas ( Ok maybe it's not so glamorous ). As a young girl, she always knew and dreamed of pursuing a career that allowed her to be creative. She has been a hair stylist for fifteen years. She is an educator for L'anza Healing Haircare and travels all over the country helping other stylists find their own creativity in their work. In her spare time she is an actress, writer, and hangs out with celebrities. Not really, but wouldn't that be cool?