Short, bouncy hair is light, fun and fashion forward — just the way to welcome in Spring 2014 after this long winter. Shake up your look with one of these trendy spring styles.

Extreme side part bob


The extreme side part, which references androgyny, the 1930s, and flapper era hair styles, is all the rage. While it works no matter how long your locks, adding an extreme side part to a flouncy bob can give your hair a little boost for spring. This look is straight out of spring/summer 2014 runways, which pair extreme side parts with other trends like low ponys and ice blonde locks. A light touch of shine oil not only tames down any flyways, it gives this look an appealing glimmer.

Long pixie

Celeb fave Jennifer Lawrence made waves with her long pixie cut, a refreshingly modern short hair look that’s already sending copycats to freshen up their style. To mimic Lawrence’s short ‘do, get heavy bangs that sweep across your face, keep it shorter in the back, and don’t be afraid of integrating choppy layers in your pixie. These layers and long bangs help to feminize the style and update it from the classic Hepburn style pixie to something fun, flirty, and versatile.

Shaggy short ‘do

A shaggy style works well for many different hair textures. Celebs from Anne Hathaway to Audrey Tatou have adopted versions of the short shag. Even if you have straight hair, a short shag style can allow you to try out the 2014 trend of mermaid waves, adding texture and fun into this look. This style also works well for low maintenance ladies who don’t want a haircut that needs a lot of fuss in the morning, as it often looks better the more tousled you wear it.

Sculpted look

For edgy celebs like Pink to Miley Cyrus, short sculpted waves, spikes and pomps add sophisticated and sexiness to a short style. These looks will require more time in front of the mirror, so aren’t necessarily right for everyone. You can get a short style and sculpt it up for special occasions, or wear it up every day if you have the time and dedication to your locks.