It’s a tough market out there right now!  Some salons report a steady week after an abysmal one the week before.  Other salons are reporting huge holes in their calendars.  We have seen several salons close in our area again but there are also new ones cropping up.

On the other hand, we also know salons where business is booming!

So what’s it all about?  Why do some salons seem to weather the slings and arrows of fortune better than others?  Surprisingly, we don’t have an exact answer for you.  All we can do is analyze what we see and report back to you.

Our industry is changing and we are seeing a different industry from the one before 2008.  We all have to adjust.

Here is what we do know!

The frequency of a client’s visits are down.  We used to count on an average of 8 visits per year from a single client.  In the States, we are hearing reports of that number dropping to 4 visits per year in some areas.  In Canada we are faring a little better at 5-6 visits per year.

How does this translate for you?  You will need more clients to fill the lag time between your existing clients and go above and beyond to retain the clients you already have!!  What are you doing to bring those new clients into your salon/spa and retain those you already have??

Get out your marketing tools!  Stylists are recommending color processes that will last the client months before they need a service; the Ombre technique, for example.  If it is a service that has an exceptionally long due date, then what are you doing to bring that client back into the salon in between?  We have even heard tales of stylists recommending what drug store product their clients should use in order to make their color service last longer….are you kidding me!! Don’t let the door hit them on the behind on the way out!!

And time and time again we hear stylists/estheticians give their clients a reason to say, “No!” The secret is that by simply by asking the right questions (open ended questions vs closed questions) they will significantly change the outcome!  By asking those right questions,  it means higher re-booking, higher retail sales, higher add-on sales.

Get out your marketing tools  and sharpen your scripting skills!