When oily hair has become a nuisance, it is time to modify your hair routine. There are several ways to tackle unwanted greasiness without removing a healthy shine. Combining the use of natural ingredients with high-quality hair care products designed for oily hair is your best bet.

Washing Oily Hair

Woman Washing Hair With ShampooSome believe that because their hair is oily, they should wash it everyday, but the opposite is true. Over-washing the hair causes the scalp to overcompensate for the oil you are washing away, by producing more oil. Experts recommend experimenting with washing frequency to find the right balance. Avoid washing your hair in hot water as this will also aggravate the problem.

Avoid using hair shampoos that have built-in conditioners. Two shampoos which are known to work well on oily hair include Biolage Normalizing Shampoo and Neutrogena Anti-Residue Shampoo. To turn a regular shampoo into an oil-fighting one, mix one teaspoon of fresh aloe vera gel with one tablespoon of lemon juice into the shampoo.

Conditioning Hair: Less Is More

If persistent, oily hair is a problem, don’t apply conditioner to the roots of your hair. One conditioner that is recommended for oily hair is Herbal Essences Drama Clean Refreshing Conditioner. A few times a week, combine 2 egg yolks with a few drops of lemon juice and apply it to your wet hair. After leaving this solution on for 5 minutes, rinse it off thoroughly. This will remove excess oil and condition your hair at the same time.

Creating Definition

Beautiful Blonde Girl With Messy Hair Pose SexyToo many styling products applied to oily hair can really wreak havoc. Avoid the use of serums and glossing products which only add to the problem. To give your style a boost, use a mousse that is designed for oily hair such as John Freida Luxurious Volume Thickening Hair Mousse. Oily hair often has trouble retaining its shape after the style has been created. To keep your style holding strong for a night on the town, spray on a favorite product by those who have oily hair, such as Redken Spray Starch 15 Heat Memory Styler.

Maintenance Tips

When you exercise, keep your hair pulled away from your face and if you sweat, wash your hair afterward right away. Wash your combs and brushes on a regular basis, and avoid brushing your hair excessively. To keep oily hair at bay, there are a couple of helpful items you can tuck away in your purse. Buy a little can of dry shampoo to refresh your hair in between washings. You can also apply some baby powder to your scalp, which will soak up the excess oil. Leave it there for 5 minutes and comb your hair thoroughly.