Are you an outdoorsy girl at heart? If so, chances are you’re planning lots of fun summer activities outside. Plan your great adventure with these savvy health hacks in mind.


Love the guy and girl walking in the nature

  • If you’re a girl that’s super cautious about her breath smelling fresh even on a camping trip, then you must try this toothpaste hack. Instead of bringing along the whole tube, squeeze out small dots on a sheet of waxed paper. Allow the paste to dry for about 48 hours, then sprinkle each dot with baking soda. Slide the sheet into a resealable bag and pop off a dot when you need to freshen your breath.
  • Building a campfire? Try this hack. Toss some sage into the fire. In addition to adding a nice aroma to your night, this herb naturally repels mosquitoes.


woman hiking tying shoelace on forest trail

  • Even for outdoorsy girls, it’s tough not packing your whole house for a hiking trip. Prepare a mini survival kit (i.e. bandages, ointment, personal care products, etc.) in a prescription bottle and save lots of space!
  • Duct tape can be your best friend during outdoorsy activities. Long hikes typically result in blisters. Protect and blister-proof your precious toes and heels by covering them with duct tape, too.

Beach Play

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  • There always seems to be that one spot that tends to get overexposure to the sun even if you used protection. Put aloe vera gel into ice cube containers for a soothing sunburn remedy.
  • Use baby powder to get sand off your feet–and other places. Here’s why it works. Baby powder works to dry out the skin. Once all the moisture is gone, the sand will easily just fall off.
  • Being in the sun does have its perks. How about a DIY highlighting session? If this sounds too good to be true, you should try it. Squeeze fresh lemon juice on your newly washed but still damp tresses. Your hair¬†naturally lightens in the sun; lemon just speeds up the process. So, when you come back in after a long day at the beach, your locks should be subtly lighter.