Choosing the right hues for the seasonal switch can be tough. Which colors should you keep on hand, and which should you relegate to backstage until spring rolls around? Below are a list of shades which work perfectly for the coming cooler months, so take note.

Bronze and Copper

Portrait of beautiful young woman with art make-up. Bronze hand. Beauty fashion

Warm, lustrous bronze and copper tones go perfectly with the switch to scarves and hats. Don’t go overboard during the day, as that can have an inappropriately club-like effect, but at night feel free to layer these colors on your lids and browbone.

Smoky Gray

Of course, the reliable smoky eye isn’t going anywhere any time soon, and is a perfect complement to overcast skies. Choose a gray that works with your skintone. If you’re lighter, go for a pearly color, and if your skin is a deeper shade, choose a shadow closer to gunmetal. This look works especially well for people who have gray eyes, says Elle.

Coral and Pink

These light and almost beachy shades might seem appropriate only for summer, but they’re not. Especially in early fall, they can provide perfect complement to dark lined eyes and the festive back-to-school aesthetic.

Close up of brush applying bright pink makeup on eye of pretty girl, isolated on white

Dark Brown

During the season when people switch from iced coffee to warm, what could be more natural than espresso-hued eye shadow? For an especially fun look, coat your lids with a light, shimmery bronze and use a deep brown in your crease and outer lids to form a cat eye.

Deep Green

Another color that has spring associations, a soft deep green can actually mesh perfectly with cool weather and a fall outfit, says AllWomensTalk. Stick to dark sage and Kelly green rather than lime or seafoam.

Now that you’ve got ideas for how to liven up your fall cosmetics wardrobe, we’d love to hear about your experiences in the comments below.