Feedback is one of the most important aspects of our business. How can we know how we are doing as a business if nobody tells us? Have you ever noticed how fast negativity races around our world and how slowly positivity moves?

You will hear every negative comment a client or employee has to offer but probably only one out of every fifty positive comments! And, of course, because we are human, it is the negative comments that sit in our hearts and cause us to worry and fuss. There is a way to head off a lot of the negativity that floats around out there and infects your business? It is FEEDBACK! To find out about that experience from their point of view you need to ask.

hand clicking service feedback on virtual screen interface

When was the last time you handed out a Feedback Form to your clients? Is negativity creeping up on you? If it is, it is time to get out the forms and find out what is going on in your business.

But how do we bring about change if we aren’t sure of where to change? Get it from the horse’s mouth!

Client Feedback Forms are different from Client Survey Forms. A survey form establishes who your client is; their age, gender, socio-economic status, demographics, buying patterns, etc. A feedback form tells you how you are doing as a business. This form will include information such as:

  • how accessible was the parking?
  • how were you greeted?
  • how were you checked out?
  • how was everything in between?

This form can be as in-depth or as simple as you want, depending on the level of information you are looking for and the changes you are willing to make.

Online customer service satisfaction survey on a digital tablet

Want to head off negative results from your clients? Turn your “First Time Client Card” into a consultation card to be used at the beginning AND at the end of the service. The information you gather should include:

  • lifestyle of client
  • length of time available to spend on hair daily
  • allergies
  • styling competence
  • service expectations
  • types of product used

The stylist then uses the consultation card to go over the expectations of the client for the service they have booked. At the end of the service, the stylist uses the card to affirm they have achieved the results that the client has asked for.

Feedback is the one of the most important forms of communication you will need from your staff and your clients. Start collecting information and find out how well you are operating your business………….after all, isn’t August the time for Fall preparation?