Are you up against it? Do you lie awake at night wondering how you will make your rent, budget, mortgage, wages, etc? The number of businesses that have reached a level of success without the lying awake are few and far between. We all struggle with growing pains and decision making. What is so interesting about “struggle” is the incredible and innovative turns that negativity can bring about. We’d like to share some examples with you:


  1. 1.Tofino, a small town on the wild, wet, west coast of Vancouver Island is a small community that went through some tough economic times through the middle eighties. The herring season closed, lumber was down, mining was on its way out and the bank even left town! Tourism depended mostly on the summer season when the beaches would be crowded with campers and surfers. This community took the “negatives” of the winter season and turned it into a “ya gotta go” destination. “Storm Watching” on the west coast is a dynamic and exciting adventure. It is also one of the global destinations for “cold water” surfing events. The community has seen new resorts, restaurants, and stores, increasing the number of jobs and the impact on the local economy has been positive.
  2. Cruise ships were originally built as the only means of transportation between the continents. With the advent of the airliner and passenger jets, cruise ships were really almost obsolete. Instead, cruise ships became their own destination resort, a floating hotel! Honestly, after a lovely cruise up to Alaska, it is definitely one of the top all-inclusive adventures anywhere!
  3. Domino’s Pizza turned their mediocre product into a blockbuster by advertising that they were admitting to producing an inferior product. They then explained that they had a new recipe and an improved product and, hey, you should try it! Guess what? It worked! They turned their business around!
  4. We have seen unbelievable turnarounds in the tech world. The developers of Twitter originally started out to put together a platform for podcasts. YouTube was originally Tune In Hook Up, a dating site, before realizing that they could implement their technology in a broader market. Instagram was first a check-in app called Burbn, but the founders thought it was too cluttered and re-evaluated to come up with the ever-popular Twitter.


Innovation refers to the notion of doing something different rather than doing the same old thing. In a world that is populated by a plethora of salons and spas, what will you do to innovate and create a unique space, and at the same time take the worries out of the day-to-day business decisions.   Our industry determines a certain kind of service, but how you deliver it can be as unique as you are!

What you will do to set yourself apart. Let’s face it; you can get your hair cut and coloured anywhere, but can you experience ________at any other salon? Fill in the blank to find your originality!