You wake up dreading it, but it’s finally happened. No, not Mondays, but a bad hair day. Sometimes all the styling gel in the world won’t put a dent in your tangled, frizzy, messy locks. Other times you accidentally overslept and don’t have time to stress about your hair. You can’t brave the world looking like this though. Instead, as autumn arrives and winter isn’t too far behind, just put on one of these hats. No one ever has to know what’s underneath.


1. A fedora — About as timeless as they come, fedoras can complete a number of looks. Combined with a long trench coat, you can be mysterious, or, worn with your favorite blouse and pencil skirt, you have a totally work-ready outfit that can easily transition to after-hours activities outside of the office.

2. Riding caps — Autumn is the perfect time to bring out your inner equestrian lover. A riding cap worn with a crisp button-down, sleek blazer, your favorite pair of fitted dark blue jeans, and riding boots will have everyone questioning if you just got back from the horse track. Try this look for brunch or casual Friday at the office.


3. Cloches — Retro is so in. Take a huge step back in time with a cloche for fall or winter. These simple hats can be adorned with feathers, faux flowers, pretty trim, or you can just wear them plain. Try a black cloche with a show-stopping red coat or pair a white one with your favorite heavier winter jacket.

4. Headscarves — For those cool days that aren’t too blustery, a headscarf can totally suffice. Don’t just settle for the silk variety when you can wear a wool or lace scarf too. Get fun and funky with your color and pattern selection and you can stay warm and express yourself at the same time.

5. A beret — Ideal for both autumn and winter wear, even if you can’t be in France sipping on lattes and nibbling on croissants, you can pretend with a beret. Go simple with a black one, be bold with a red one, try a beret made of materials like wool, or dress up a simple one with a feathery brooch.