If you have short hair, it can feel difficult to keep up with the latest in stylish hair accessories. We’ve rounded up our favorite accessories just for short hair. Update your look (or say goodbye to a bad hair day) with these hot picks.


Best Short Hair Accessories

Bejeweled headbands – Bejeweled headbands were all the rage at Dolce & Gabbana. We think their feminine pearl headbands are the perfect way to polish up short hair for a night out or accentuate a chic holiday party outfit. If you’re looking for something a little bolder, try adding an ornate gold pin to a basic black headband. Instant glam.

Leather hair accessories – From headbands to hair ties, leather ruled the runways for fall. Use sophisticated leather hair ties (and strategic bobby pins) to pull your short hair look off your face and wear it back for a night. There’s no way you can go wrong with leather hair ties, clips, and headbands so embrace this modern trend.


Jeweled clips – Jewels again stole the scene when it came to stylish hair accessories. For short hair, clips and barrettes are a very practical way to do a half-back or an all-back look. Use a jeweled clip to pull back asymmetrically parted hair or hold back wispy bangs. Or pull your short hair into a bun and then use clips to adorn the bun look.

Basic bobbys – If you’re into more of a minimalist look, you will be happy to know that the basic bobby pin makes our list of favorite hair accessories. While you can use bobby pins to tuck flyaways where they go, they make a big impact when used together. So forego that fancy clip for casual dress days and put a bunch of bobby pins in your mane until you’re satisfied with the way things look.

What other short hair trends are you following for 2015? Let us know your favorite new styles in the comments.