You spill plenty of secrets when you’re in the stylist’s chair, but your hair stylist can also tell a lot about you just from taking a look. Here are just a few of the secrets your stylist knows about you after your haircut.

You’re Stressed Out

If you chew or twirl your hair when you are stressed – your hairstylist can tell. The split ends caused by this behavior is a dead giveaway that you are anxious or under pressure.

You tried to DIY

Those blunt baby bangs looked great – on the model. Your stylist can tell that you took a DIY approach, even if your hair has grown out a bit. Fess up and get the look you want by sharing your ideas with your stylist – or booking a trim before you grab the scissors.

How Grey you’re Going

If you regularly visit the salon for color and touchups, you may not realize that you’re going grey – but your stylist gets a much closer look and can tell.

You’re Really using Those Products

Usually a stylist recommends specific products not to boost sales, but because your hair needs them. If you claim to be using the product she recommended on your last visit, but your hair is a frazzled mess, she can see through that little white lie.

You’ve had too Much Sun

Your scalp is skin, too, so signs of sun damage and even skin cancer could be more apparent to your hair stylist than anyone else. The Skin Cancer Foundation has a whole page dedicated to those whose lives were saved when a stylist noticed a problem.