Translucent powder is a standard product in every woman’s makeup arsenal. It’s typically used to set makeup or control shine. However, it also has many other uses. As translucent powder is lightweight and color-free, it can also be used in other beauty endeavors. Here’s a look at some of the best personal uses for translucent powder.

1. Smooth Concealer

Cream-based concealers are notorious for leaving creases and cracks on the skin. To achieve a smooth, clean finish, apply a light layer of translucent powder over the concealer.

2. Prevent Eyeliner from Running

Many eyeliners begin to wash away or run in just a few short hours after application. To keep your eyeliner looking pristine all day, apply a thin coating of translucent powder on your bottom lash line with a thin makeup brush.

3. Create a Matte Finish

You don’t need special lipsticks to create a luxurious matte finish on your lips. Apply your favorite lip color, followed by a light dusting of translucent powder for a bold look.

4. Add Volume to Your Lashes

Want the look of thicker lashes but hate applying false eyelashes? Instantly add volume to your lashes with translucent powder. Once you’ve applied your mascara, apply a light application of powder, followed by a second layer of mascara.

5. Eliminate Oil

Translucent powder is not just great for getting rid of excess oils on the skin, but can also eliminate greasy hair in a pinch. If you notice your tresses are getting a little oily but don’t have time to shower right away, use a small amount of powder to de-grease.

Translucent loose powder is a versatile cosmetic product that is light on the skin and can help create professional, finished looks. It can help minimize pores, conceal minor flaws, and set a face full of makeup in a snap. Take advantage of all the great uses of translucent powder.