Pink sea salt with lavender aroma. Scattered bath salt, lavender dried flower.

That monthly “crash,” when suddenly your clothes don’t fit and you feel irritable, crampy and fatigued, doesn’t have to be stoically endured. Instead, treat yourself to a beneficial, all-natural PMS-busting bath. Packed with minerals and healing botanicals, a PMS bath can de-bloat you, while soothing cramps and frayed nerves.


Epsom salts are packed with magnesium. This mineral is especially useful for fighting the cramps and water retention that plague many women in the days leading up to their period. So even as the salts are acting as a diaphoretic — meaning that they help you sweat out some of that excess water — you’re also absorb healing magnesium through your skin.

Essential Oils

Organic essential aroma oil with mint on aged wooden background. Selective focus.

Those little vials of liquid, which have the concentrated beneficial qualities of the botanicals from which they are distilled, are ideal for mixing with bath salts. Oil of geranium helps banish water retention, while lavender and chamomile soothe cramps and ease nervous tension. Clary sage oil or one of the citrus oils peps you up and boosts your spirits when you’re feeling especially fatigued or gloomy.


If you don’t have essential oils, or want to boost their effectiveness, add fresh or dried herbs to your therapeutic bath. If you grow your own lavender or chamomile, an infusion from a handful of freshly-gathered herbs is ideal. But herbal tea works just as well, providing you with the benefits of dried herbs. Make the tea as you normally would, but plan to add a few cupfuls of it to the bath, rather than drinking it.

Simple Preparation

To make your PMS-busting bath, sprinkle about 2 drops each of your chosen essential oils, if using, and add them to 1 to 2 cups of Epsom salts. Drop this in the water while the bath is running. If you are also using herbs, strain the infusion you’ve made of any plant material or tea bags, and add this infused water to your bath as well.