The three biggest complaints from woman during the summer are inner thigh chaffing, peeling skin, and the effects of dehydration. These three hazards can put a strain on your quality of life and enjoyment of the summer time. Before you find yourself victim of these leisure time killer, learn how to prevent and treat these conditions.

Chub Rub: Inner thigh chaffing that affects many women.


Summer sweating makes otherwise normal friction between the thighs a blistery, painful mess. The three keys to managing chub rub: clean, disinfect, and soothe. After cleaning red, sore skin with a mild antibacterial soap,disinfect the area with an antibacterial lotion. Finally, soothe with a cooling product or wear cool, dry leggings or athletic shorts in a natural fabric. Hint: to prevent chub rub, use a product that discourages chaffing such as Monkey Butt talcum powder or Monistat’s specially designed cream for the inner thigh.

Peeling skin: The collateral damage from a day worshipping the sun.

Moisturize! Keep your skin well moisturized after bathing, in the sun, and before bed. Peeling is a sigh of sun damage. Use SPF liberally to prevent burns. Use moisturizer to minimize post-burn damage.

Dehydration: Too much sweating, not  enough water.
Sun, heat, and sweating can cause dangerous dehydration. Stay cool and calm by staying well hydrated. Want more options than water? Try our curated list of summer smoothies that will help keep you cool and hydrated. Bonus: they are a healthy, guiltless summer treat.