One of the most frustrating elements of the summer, those who suffer from allergies are often left unable to assume their normal activities. Although it is possible to suffer from allergies all-year-round, the summer months are especially marked by an increased level of allergens in the air as well as discomfort for sufferers. With that said, the following is a closer look at three home remedies that can be used for allergy relief.

Apple Cider Vinegar

jar of honey with honeycomb on wooden table

One great natural remedy for allergies is apple cider vinegar. While it is a useful remedy for an array of ailments, by drinking one teaspoon of unfiltered, apple cider vinegar a glass of water three times a day to fight off mucus as well as relieve allergy symptoms over time, be sure to purchase a brand that contains the “Mother”, which is a colony of beneficial bacteria, for optimal performance.


Studies have shown that beneficial gut bacteria can have an adverse effect on allergies. Therefore, by consuming probiotics on the regular basis, you will reduce your likelihood of experiencing an allergy attack.

Local Honey

Lastly, given the array of benefits of local, raw honey, by consuming local honey on the regular basis, your body will be able to better adapt to the local allergens as well as the environment.

Overall, while there is no cure for allergies, these remedies should be a great way to help quell the symptoms. However, be sure to visit a physician if your symptoms persist or worsen.