Yoga is a super effective yet gentle form of exercise that improves not only the body but the mind and spirit as well. Consequently, it has gained more and more popularity across the nation, which has led most gyms to offer some form of yoga class. Therefore, due to its prevalence and continued popularity, you might have considered taking a yoga class at some point in time. Before giving yoga a try, though, you will want to know what to wear to your first class. Read below to learn more:

Comfortable Clothing:

yoga at the beachYou want to be comfortable when practicing yoga. However, that doesn’t mean you should wear your 20-year-old sweatpants that are threadbare and stained. No, it means wear clothing that fits your body comfortably. You don’t want to be pulling or tugging on your clothing in an effort to get comfortable during class.

Moisture Wicking Clothing:

Unless you are taking a restorative yoga class, which is a type of class that focuses primarily on relaxation,
you will most likely work up a sweat. Therefore, when you choose an outfit for yoga make sure it is moisture wicking. That means everything you’re wearing, not just your outerwear; your underwear should be moisture wicking as well.

Clothing Made For Yoga:yoga class poses

Due to the popularity of yoga, there are now many clothing companies that offer clothing specifically designed with yoga in mind. For example, you can go to virtually any clothing store and find yoga pants. These are tight fitting pants or capris that allow movement. They are also usually made out of moisture wicking fabric.  The shirt or top you choose to wear should also be somewhat tight fitting when practicing yoga. This is because many of the poses require you to lean over, almost upside down. If your shirt is too loose, you will be fussing with it, trying to make sure you are decent, instead of posing correctly.

Keep in mind, yoga is an open, free practice. That means there is no judgment about clothing or anything else within a yoga class. However, it is a good idea to take the above tips into consideration. Doing so will ensure you get the most out of your yoga class and fit in with the other students.