With the summer quickly coming to a close, all good fashionistas have already begun to build their fall wardrobe. Indeed, in order to stay trendy, you have to stay consistently ahead of the pack. Given the fact that we have now entered into an age in which fashions from across the globe are readily accessible to all, the pressure to look consistently fierce is at an all time high. Nevertheless, not everyone is so fashion forward. Are you looking for ideas to make some awesome new editions to your autumn collection? The following is a closer look at the top fall fashion trends for 2016.

Reconstructed Denim 

reconstructed denimAn old trend made anew, the origins of reconstructed denim has its roots in the hearts of vintage lovers and consignment shops. Simply put, reconstructed denim involves taking several older pairs of denim and using them to create new, exciting pieces.

Metallic Gold 

This trend does not involve specific pieces, rather the reemergence of one of the best colors ever! A color that seems to disappear and make a comeback whenever it pleases, most gold pieces have serioumetallic-gold-bags staying power. Metallic gold looks great on shirts, shorts, blazers, bags, shoes, or even makeup! Try adding a few bold, shiny pieces to your wardrobe and watch how many heads you turn this season!

New Age Shearlings 

Lastly, while shearling coats are hardly new, the recently created selection of these coats certainly are. More splashes of color, patches, pins, accessories, etc. these coats are not only very warm, but they also look great. Moreover, with the new age elements fused into them, you will stand out even when you’re in a rush!

Overall, there are many great fashion trends on the horizon for the colder months. No matter if you try some of these or make a few of your own just remember to have fun, take a few risks, and above all, take photos and Insta! Tag #vagaro.

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