From purse straps that snap when you’re late to work to deodorant that white marks your little black dress, we all experience fashion fails. These style snafus can feel like fashion emergencies, but simple fixes can save your outfit and the day.

Faulty Zippers

Don’t let a faulty zipper come between you and your Calvins. If your pants zipper keeps falling down, a key ring is the answer. Grab a key ring – thinner is better – and thread the ring through that little hole at the end of your zipper tab. Zip up and loop the ring around your pants button and simply button as you normally eraser-as-earring-backwould.

Disappearing Earrings

Diamond’s are a girl’s best friend, but earring backs sometimes seem like her enemy. If you’ve never lost an earring back to the abyss, count yourself lucky. If you find your favorite dangle or stud without a back, opt for an eraser back instead. Cut the eraser from its pencil and simply slide it on to keep your jewelry secure.

Visible Deodorant

deoderant-hackThe white marks of deodorant showing on a shirt is never a good look. Whether it’s for your work-wear peplum top or workout racerback tank, you probably already have the fix hanging in your closet. The foam found inside a dry cleaner hanger works like a magic eraser on deodorant. Tear open the paper on the hanger, remove the foam and rub it on the marks until your top is streak-free.

Overloaded Purses

We put a lot of wear and tear on our go-to bags, especially the straps. If the metal clasp snaps on your purse strap, it may be salvageable. For a quick fix, snap on a loose-leaf ring, like the kind used for school reports and fabric swatches. When leather straps (real or faux) start to fray, snip off fraying threads, and then use a cotton swab to apply a leather edge coat sealant to bring your straps back to new.