Hooded eyes have a distinct look caused by an extra layer of skin that folds over the crease. The result is often eyes that appear smaller due to a lack of visible eyelid. To enhance the look of hooded eyes, it’s important to use makeup to draw the focus upward and intensify and enlarge the shape. Check out these simple makeup tips to make your hooded eyes really pop.

1. Use a Quality Primer

eyeshadow-primerWhile a primer may seem insignificant, wearing one under your eyeshadow can make a drastic difference in your final look. Due to the extra skin fold, eyeshadow on hooded eyes often rubs off during the day. A quality primer will help the shadow to adhere for an extended period of time.

2. Switch Your Eyeshadow for a Liner

What’s the point in applying eyeshadow when you can’t see much of it anyways? Skip the shadow and opt for a swipe of liquid eyeliner. Liquid liners can be found in a rainbow of colors to give your eyes vibrancy. To apply, create a thick line along the upper lash line.

3. Flip Your Eye Wing

flipped-cat-eyeWings are part of the ever-popular cat eye effect. Creating a winged liner is not always easy with hooded eyes, as the folds in the skin typically get in the way. Instead of creating a wing on the upper lash line, create one on the lower lash line.

4. Apply Eyeshadow Under the Eye

If you prefer to wear eyeshadow, it can be done well on a hooded eye. In addition to covering the entire lid, apply the shadow to the outer, visible corners of the eyes, below the lower lash line. Slightly smudge and fade the color for a softer look.

5. Arch Your Eyebrows

How you groom your eyebrows can make your eyes appear more open. To make your peepers really pop, tweeze or wax your eyebrows to create an upwards shape, rather than a downwards direction. When applying a highlighter above the lids, stroke the color upwards.

Applying makeup to hooded eyes is tricky. Experiment with different makeup looks to see what works for your unique eye shape.