Freckles used to be a facial feature that many women tried to cover up. Today, however, freckles are cherished for their beauty and they give your skin a fresh, natural look. While not all people are born with these pigmented spots, you can easily fake it with makeup. Learn how to create natural-looking freckles using a few common cosmetic and skincare products.

Apply a light foundation.

fake-freckles1As freckles are a natural skin characteristic, it’s important to keep your entire complexion as fresh-faced as possible. Start with a moisturizer to make your skin appear hydrated and dewy. Use a lightweight concealer to hide any blemishes or under-eye circles and blend well. Instead of a full foundation, use just a few small drops and blend from the center of the face outwards using a damp foundation brush.

Dot the first layer of faux freckles.

Dot your first layer of faux freckles using a light or chocolate brown pencil eyeliner or brow product, depending on your skin tone. Scatter the dots across the nose and the apples of the cheeks to create a natural sun-kissed look. With the tip of your finger, gently pat each dot to make the freckles look more imperfect rather than concentric circles.

Add definition with a darker liner.

fake-frecklesGo back with a slightly darker eyeliner or eyebrow pencil to better define the faux freckles. Sharpen your pencil before using to ensure that it has a sharp point, allowing you to better control your dots. To define the freckles, press the pencil and twist. Opt for a creamy-formula eye pencil that will slightly smudge as you go, giving you sufficient time to blend and lighten the spots.

Set with translucent powder.

If you’re worried about your faux freckles smudging or getting wiped away throughout the day, set the dots with a light application of translucent powder. If possible, carry an extra eye pencil with you to allow for fast fixes if needed. If you choose to wear blush, apply the color to your cheeks before you apply your faux freckles.

Fake freckles are a popular beauty trend that can make your complexion appear fresh and natural. Try the look of faux freckles for yourself.