Don’t think you look good in red lipstick? Think again. Most ladies can pull off the red lipstick look, but the trick is finding the right shade for you. Use your skin tone to help determine a lipstick color that best complements your complexion. From classic blood red to orange-red apricot, there’s a red lipstick color for every skin tone.

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Fair Skin Tone

If you have a fair skin tone, opt for a red lipstick with cool, pink undertones. Coral reds and some berry shades are also flattering on fair complexions and help to create contrast with the natural pink undertones in your skin. Finish off your look with a coat of silky black mascara.

beauty bright african american woman with creative make up, shawl on head like cubian closeup smilingMedium Skin Tone

Medium skin tones typically consist of women with olive or yellowish complexions. These ladies should stick with wine or berry-toned reds which best complement the green and yellow undertones in the skin. Orange-based brick reds also flatter medium skin tones as they help to minimize the skin’s sallowness. To create a bold contrast, first line your lips with a blue-based lipstick liner then fill it in with your favorite red lipstick.

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Dark Skin Tone

It can be more difficult to find a red lipstick that really stands out on cocoa complexions. To prevent your lips from looking too intense, opt for a warm red or orange-red hue. Brown-based opaque lipsticks also work well on women with dark skin tones, giving them a more natural look. Most ladies with darker complexions can pull off a bold lip with minimal makeup.

Red lipstick is a stand-out color that creates a stunning impression. Every skin tone has a complementary red lipstick color that creates the perfect contrast between the lips and skin. The right color lipstick can also give you a boost of confidence, making you feel sexy in everything you wear.