Portrait of attractive long hair teenage girl with head cocked biting her lips. Girl is looking at the camera.Say goodbye to dry, chapped, or sore lips. Lip gel patches are an innovative product designed to moisturize, plump, and revitalize the delicate skin on your lips. They’re lip-shaped patches that you apply over your lips to heal and hydrate in much the same way facial masks do. With numerous colors and flavors to choose from, these patches are quickly becoming a must-have beauty tool.

How Lip Gel Patches Work

Lip gel patches generally come in single-use packages and act as thin, gel-like sheets. Each patch is packed with nutrients and moisturizing ingredients to soften and soothe dry, peeling, cracked, or chapped lips. Depending on the brand used, the lip patch may cover just your lips or may extend out to the skin surrounding your mouth.


You can find lip gel patches in various colors and flavors that not only make your lips look and taste amazing, but also smell incredible. Most patches can be left on for a short period of time or overnight for even better results. It addition to revitalizing your kissers, these inexpensive patches can also be used to plump your pout temporarily.

How to Apply a Lip Gel Patchbeauty black woman touching her lips with finger

Using a lip gel patch is easy. Begin by thoroughly cleaning and drying your face to remove any dirt or oils. Open the package and remove the lip gel patch from its plastic liner. With the shiny side facing your lips, press the patch onto the lip area. Wear the patch for at least 15 to 20 minutes or over night before removing it.

If you’re in search of achieving softer, smoother, kissable lips, lip gel patches is the way to go. Not only do they work quickly to provide nearly instantaneous results, they also target redness for a more balanced skin tone. Also, like traditional skin masks, these powerful patches provide deep hydration.