While soft, sweeping bangs will always have their place, super-short bangs are in. Strands of hair that hang down across your forehead and end at or above your brows are cute and stylish, and for some, an accessory they simply can’t live without. If you, however, have never tried super-short bangs, now might be the time to try.

Choose a Look

First you’ve got to decide what look you like. Do you want thick bangs or thin? Super-duper-short or just pretty short? Typically short bangs should be thick, but if you have very thin hair you can rock a wispy style. You can cut them up near the top of your forehead for a Rooney Mara look, or wear them longer, just at the brow line.

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Get Them Professionally Done

Unless you’re excellent at cutting your own hair, you probably want this chop professionally done. Otherwise you’re more likely to make a jagged cut that won’t leave you feeling your best. Make an appointment ahead of time to ensure you’re not being too rash, then bring examples of how you want to look.

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Wear Them Straight

While you can totally side-sweep your short bangs, the current style is to wear them stick-straight and right down the forehead. Experiment with this style to see how it works for you. If you have thinner hair, you can rock it by clumping the locks a little. Thick tresses? Wear them in a nice even row.

Add Some Product

A little wax never hurt anyone, and can help you get the set, glossy look of celebrity bangs. Just be sure not to layer it on, or your hair might look greasy.

And remember: It’s okay to experiment. If at first you don’t like your new bangs, that’s pretty normal. Play with product and different styling techniques, and soon enough you’re bound to find a look that complements your face, wardrobe and spirit. So go get those bangs!