Looking back on 2016, the big thing in beauty was antipollution. Products lined the shelves, promising to protect against the onslaught of tiny particles that damage skin and exacerbate the effects of aging. With 2017 here, the focus is organic, natural beauty.

Superfoods for Skin

Kitchen cabinet meets bathroom cabinet with more health-conscious skincare ingredients like kale, moringa, and algae. You care about what is going into your body, now you can make the same choices about what is going on it. These products promise to nourish and protect skin, providing a heathier, younger appearance. It’s good food for your skin.

Travel Savvy Skincare

When traveling by air, dropping your favorite skincare product into your carry-on could get it tossed in the trash if it doesn’t meet the TSA requirements for liquid products. The popular option has been to purchase costly trial sized versions, but beauty conscious travelers now have another option with skincare products that are solid but become liquid when you add water. No more TSA stress out or expensive trial sizes.

Texture Changing Skincare

South Korean inspired beauty, or “K-beauty” is not new, but has been gaining traction over the past couple of years. Expect to see more innovative skincare products in 2017 as South Korea continues its global beauty influence. Coming up, texture changing skincare. As you use the product, it changes from one form to another, such as from gel to water or balm to oil. Currently in the works in South Korea are color coded (according to skin issues or concerns) cleansing balls. When they make contact with your skin, they turn into liquid.

Probiotic Cleansers and Masques

Probiotic skincare made an appearance last year, but only a handful of companies were testing the waters. You can expect to see more of this skincare technology in 2017. Innovative products that include Bifidobacterium and lactobacillus will find their way into more skincare regimes in the coming year. Masques, cleansers, and lotions containing the “good” bacteria that our bodies need will not give your skin that healthy, youthful glow.