Staying or becoming active while you are pregnant will help with postpartum weight loss, maintain a healthy weight gain for you and the baby, and can even lead to an easier labor and delivery.


Swimming pairs non-impact aerobics- which gets your heart rate going- with muscle training through the natural motion of vigorous leg and arm movement. It’s also good for easing pain and soreness that is commonly associated with pregnancy.


Yoga is an excellent exercise for the mind as well as the body.  The breathing techniques used in yoga help with relaxing your mind and body in preparation for giving birth. Yoga relaxes the muscles and also helps with flexibility.  Practicing yoga regularly during pregnancy has been shown to help with losing post-baby weight and post-baby bellies faster.

Eating Right

While it may seem cliché, nourishing your body properly during pregnancy will keep you and your baby healthy and minimize risks of gestational diabetes, pre-eclampsia and other complications.

A regular balanced diet with a healthy daily supply of carbs, protein, fruit vegetables and dairy is ideal. Saturated fats and processed sugar should be avoided as much as possible. While cravings will hit, opting for a healthy version of your craving – in example using frozen yogurt to build a sundae instead of ice cream- will help you stick to a healthy calorie intake.

Doctors usually recommend a 2,500 daily caloric intake for a healthy pregnant woman.  Staying active now and eating right will not just aid in your pregnancy –  it will also help to start a healthy beginning for your new baby and family.