It’s becoming a norm to see a fluctuation with salon clients. Some salons report a steady week after an abysmal one. Other salons are reporting huge holes in their calendars and on the end, some are seeing a dramatic increase in profits. Several businesses within our area have closed down, yet new ones continue to pop up.

Why do some salons seem to weather the slings and arrows of fortune better than others? Our Industry is changing and it’s evolving into something completely different from the one before 2008. Here is what we know:

The frequency of client visits is down.

We used to count on an average of 8 visits per year from a single client. In the states, we are hearing reports of that number dropping down to 4 visits per year, while in Canada it is 5-6 visits a year. The truth is, the priorities have changed. Clients are seeking long-lasting solutions to their problems rather than short-term ones. Stylists are reporting clients are asking for services that will last them months.

Offer long-term solutions that only you can provide.

What does this new industry mean? Time to get out your script. Instead of sending clients to drug stores for products, suggest long-lasting services like the Ombre technique. Time and time again, we hear stylists and estheticians give their clients a reason to say, “no.” The secret is asking the right questions. When you can identify what long-term solutions they are seeking, you can offer a reliable solution. This will translate into higher re-booking, retail and add-on sales.

Above all, make change happen. Don’t wait for it.

Fashion and beauty have often been harbingers of the financial stability of a society. We have seen hemlines fluctuate with the stock market, but it is time to take back our industry! We can no longer wait for someone else to determine whether we’ll be successful or not. There are solutions to every problem and a successful path is waiting for each one of us. Beauty moves on, will you?

A shout out to Denise and Stephanie Salon for being the inspiration of this week’s blog post.