A true fashionista knows that the perfect accessories will not just compliment, but complete a great outfit. Accessories can also bump up a simple look to a new level. For 2017, accessories are all about the wow factor.

Over sized Bags and Purses

Don’t worry about cramming everything into small clutches, this year it’s all about the over sized handbag. Large totes, carryall bags and large knapsacks were seen all over the runways for upcoming spring.

Statement Earrings

Statement necklaces were big for 2016, but for 2017 it’s all about statement earrings as the winning and end-all accessory. Large feathers, beads, crystals and other types of ornamentation adorned the ladies as they graced the catwalk to feature 2017’s hottest trends. It’s not just about material here, shapes and innovative lines are used to catch the interest of the eye even further.

Wide Wrap Belts

Bigger is better this year and nothing screams snatched like a nicely defined waistline. Wide waisted wrap belts will do just that for you and they are perfect for any body type. From Philosophy di Lorenzo Serafani to Les Copains, a variety of wrap styles and colors were seen for the spring and 2017 fashion showcases around the world.

Bold Sunglasses

For a girl with a fairly simple style profile, having the perfect pair of bold shades offers up an area to play around with fashion-wise without full commitment, since they can easily go on and off. From over sized cat-eye looks to strawberry adorned octagon shaped shades like seen on Dolce & Gabbana models, unique and bold shades are all the rave this year.

The Thin Choker

You may have noticed that the choker trend took over last year, but this year it’s about a thin and refined choker, that almost emulates more of a chain and pendant. The beauty and delicacy of a piece of this nature is that you can have fun being a bit bolder with other accessory pieces without feeling overdone.