Overalls may seem like a versatile garment (it’s just denim, right?), but it can be hard to pull off this look without looking like an over sized toddler. These adult onesies have recently been popping up on runways, with looks that are simplistic and sophisticated. If you’re ready to try this returning trend, follow these tips on how to rock adult overalls.

Slip on a Pair of Heels

One of the easiest things you can do to amplify a pair of overalls is to slip on high heels. High heels help to elongate the body and add instant flair to neutral denim. If you prefer a more casual look, overalls can also be worn with converse or high-tops.

Steer Clear of Plaid

While plaid usually works well with denim, you’ll want to avoid it completely when dealing with overalls. Skip the flannel in favor of a more sophisticated pattern.

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Experiment with Color

Blue jean overalls may be a classic, but that doesn’t mean you can’t play with other colors and shades. For a bright spring or summer outfit, opt for a sky blue or lavender denim. To create a chic, grown-up look, black overalls will do in a cinch.

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Don’t Be Afraid to Show Skin

What makes adult overalls different than the kid variety of what we wear, or don’t wear, with them. Don’t hesitate to make the outfit a little more risqué by peeking out bits of skin. Consider wearing a crop top underneath or show skin through rips in the knees.

Choose Accessories Wisely

The accessories you wear with your overalls can really transform the outfit. Skip the pigtails and bows in favor of sophisticated gold jewelry and a structured clutch. Add small details that enhance the outfit, such as cuffed legs or a dainty anklet.

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From preschool to adulthood, overalls are versatile enough to be worn through all stages of life. Go bold and rock a pair of adult overalls.