Wrinkle creams were once reserved for those who were over 40 years old, but today, many are finding the value in caring for their skin. Anti-aging products like wrinkle creams can be used by those in their 20s.


While some anti-aging products do little for your skin in your 20s, others can help retain the skin’s elasticity and overall health. In the majority of cases, using a wrinkle cream in your 20s won’t have negative effects.

Some are more likely to develop wrinkles at an earlier age due to genetic markers or lifestyle habits such as excessive sun exposure, use  of tanning beds, and smoking can all contribute to premature wrinkles. You can minimize wrinkles by avoiding smoking and tanning beds. Wearing sunscreen on a regular basis will help too.


It’s common for many that during mid to late twenties, the production of collagen slows down and elasticity weakens and the results of these processes begin to show.

While some may begin to see fine lines caused by sun exposure, stress, hormonal imbalances, and environmental pollutants, most 30-somethings benefit from a light wrinkle cream designed to firm and moisturize skin.


It is typical that fine lines deepen and some hyper pigmentation appear. When high-quality wrinkle cream is applied daily, the appearance of wrinkles can be reduced. For a quicker alternative, consider a chemical peel for fast results.

While there is no set age that you should begin using a wrinkle cream, it’s important to care for your skin at every age.