You’ve been hitting the gym to lose weight or perhaps tone up, however your skin is resisting your workouts. In some cases, allergies and other internal factors are to blame for red skin post-exercise. Other times, external factors like humid weather conditions and tight clothing can cause skin redness. So what do you do?

Keep Cool

One of the most common causes of skin redness after a workout is a high body temperature. As you exercise, your body temperature gradually increases and the capillaries in your face and body begin to dilate. Blood flows through these capillaries in transfers the heat to the skin’s surface where it can be radiated off the body.

To help reduce skin redness, try to lower your core body temperature prior to your workout. This can be done in several ways. Drink an ice cold glass of water or eat ice chips to get cool from the inside out. You can also stay inside your cool air conditioned home before going outdoors for your workout.

Combat Dryness

Dry or sensitive skin may be the culprit behind your red skin after exercise. Individuals with dry or sensitive skin may experience redness, itching or stinging during or after a workout due to sweat and oil buildup on the skin. To create a protective barrier between your skin and these fluids, slather on a moisturizer before your workout.

Skip the Booze

That glass of wine at dinner may calm your nerves, but the alcohol content is likely irritating your skin. Drinking alcohol directly before a workout can cause flushing. This is a temporary reddening of the skin due to the dilation of blood vessels beneath the skin’s surface. Try skipping the booze to see if your skin redness diminishes.

Try Sunscreen

Sunscreen is important for protecting your skin when you’re out in the sun. It can also help prevent redness and other types of skin irritation. Wearing SPF daily can help prevent photo-damage, which can lead to an increase in superficial blood vessels in the skin.

Skin redness is a common problem among individuals who engage in physical activities. If you’re looking for ways to eliminate this redness, try these easy tips.