Sparkling polishes are not just for little girls. Today, we can all embrace glitter nail polish in a way that looks elegant and sophisticated. The key to a mature glittery manicure is not covering the entire nail in big sparkles. Instead, choose a design that adds just a splash of glitter over a well-manicured nail. Here are a few fun ways for adults to wear glitter nail polish.


If you prefer simplistic nail art you can do at home try a holographic polish. These specialized nail polishes contain fine particles of glitter that change color when the light hits the nails. Apply the clear holographic polish over a solid paint coat. Give your nails a topcoat to seal in the glitter.


Not ready to display a full ten fingers of glitter? Just paint a single nail on each hand with glitter to create an accent nail. Choose the same finger on each hand to glitterize. Pull the look together by choosing a matching color in both the solid paint and glitter.

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Give your nails a subtle ombre effect using your favorite sequin glitter polish. Apply a dense amount of glitter to the tips of your nails before spacing them out more until you reach the center of the nail. It may be easier to spread out the glitter with a fine tip paint brush rather than a nail polish applicator.


No one says all of your nails have to match. For a fun look, create a different design on each nail. For example, one nail can have glitter while another has stripes, polka dots, or a chevron design.


Many women are drawn to French manicures as they appear clean and sophisticated. Add some pizzazz to your French manicure by adding glitter to the tips. Instead of the tips being a classic white, choose a glittery silver with very fine particles of glitter.


Another fun way to add glitter to your nails is through a handmade design. Ask your nail technician to create a heart, swirls, stripes, or other design on your nails.

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Glitter is an easy way to elevate any nail polish and create a more youthful look. Satisfy your desire for a little sparkle by adding glitter to your nails.