Prom season is right around the corner, so now’s the time to decide how you want to wear your hair for the big event. If you no longer qualify for prom attendance based upon “maturity”, you’ll still enjoy this list as it will give you the inspiration to draw upon for any formal occasion:

Elf/ Fairy Inspired Florals:

There are several ways to take advantage of this style. You can put your hair up completely in a braid and embellish with flowers or you can leave it down and accentuate small braids with a floral crown. To picture this look, think of the “Lord of the Ring’s” elves, Disney’s fairy princesses, or a hippy enjoying a music festival.

Mesmerize With a Mermaid Inspired Updo:

To achieve this look, first pull your hair up in a ponytail on the crown of your head. Then transform that plain pony into three separate fishtail braids. After this, you will twist the three fishtails together and fasten to keep the look in place. Top it off by draping a chained necklace over top of your hair for an ethereal look that seems otherworldly.

Stacked Buns Inspired by Star Wars:

If you have seen the movie “Force Awakens,” you probably noticed the main character Rey’s unusual hair style. This prom half updo could be inspired by this look. To achieve this look, put your hair in three ponytails, leaving some down. Then twist each pony into a bun and secure. You can either leave your remaining hair straight or curl it to add to the style.

Mega Mixed Braid:

To get this look begin with a Dutch braid right over your ear. Take this braid across your head. You will then secure the braid with an elastic right below the opposite ear. Use a fishtail braid to style the remaining hair. This braid is a large braid with various textures, making it a fresh, cute twist on the common braid.

The above styles are just a few that will be featured throughout 2017’s prom season. Try any of them out for your next formal event for an amazing look.