BB creams have taken the beauty industry by storm. These all-in-one facial products are designed to replace your primer, serum, moisturizer, foundation, and sunblock to save you time and money. CC creams, which are essentially a spin off of BB creams, were designed to provide color correction for a flawless complexion. While BB creams and CC creams have some of the same skincare benefits, they offer different functions for beautifying the skin.

What is BB Cream?

BB cream, which stands for beauty balm or blemish balm, is designed to help you streamline your beauty routine. These versatile skincare creams promise to do the job of countless other products and require just a once-a-day application onto freshly-cleaned skin. In addition to even coverage, BB creams have added skin benefits like antioxidants and SPF. They are also lighter than traditional foundation but heavier than most tinted moisturizers, giving them the perfect balance of coverage and nourishment.

What is CC Cream?

CC cream stands for color correcting and is designed to address color problems like redness, discoloration, and sallowness. These lightweight and fast absorbing creams typically contain light-diffusing particles which help to make skin appear more even. Many of these creams also contain a high dose of antioxidants to help protect skin from damaging influences like free radicals. You can even find CC creams with mineral pigments which help to conceal imperfections like acne and red spots on the skin.

While both BB and CC creams work to protect the skin and keep it looking healthy, they have some distinct differences. If you’re wondering which is best for you, it will depend on what you’re trying to achieve. You’ll also want to consider your skin type. BB creams are best for normal to dry skin types, while CC creams are better suited for oily skin types. Consider all factors when finding the right formula for your skin.