If you suffer from thinning hair, a receding hairline or patches where hair simply won’t grow, you’re going to love Toppik, a new product made to treat those exact issues. Toppik for hair is a powder consisting of statically charged natural hair fibers. The fibers are made of keratin, which is the same type of protein that your own hair is made of. While other hair powders are made with synthetic fibers, Toppik blends in better because it’s all natural.

How to Use It

Using Toppik is easy. You simply sprinkle the fiber powder onto the areas of your head where hair loss is an issue. Gently pat the areas where you’ve sprinkled the powder. If some of the fibers go astray, you an easily put them in place with your fingers or dust them away. Toppik won’t stain your hands, so no gloves are needed. Next, apply a light spray of the spray fixative that comes with the Toppik kit. This will help to fix the fibers in place. The spray goes on in the same manner as a commercial hairspray.

If you have a receding hairline issue, you can choose to use the Toppix spray attachment. This gently spray works with a few pumps of the bulb attachment to spray the powder on instead of sprinkling it on. The attachment is better for use in areas where only a little bit of product is needed to fill in sparse areas.

Can Men Use It, Too?

Toppik is suitable for both men and women, and it comes in a wide ranges of colors from light brown to black. You can mix and match to build a custom color by getting two or more bottles and blending them together. It can also be used to building beards!

What are Some Other Benefits?

Toppik lasts until you shampoo it out. With Toppik, your look won’t be affected by rain, wind or combing/brushing. The look is natural looking, even up close. And, since Toppik is a product derived from nature, you won’t have to worry about harsh chemicals in your hair.

Toppik is an innovate product that is worth trying if you have issues with hair loss.