As the weather shifts between seasons, now’s the perfect time to sport some chic hair accessories. Switch it up and wear jewelry in your hair, and yes, it’s just as fantastic as it sounds.

Necklace Braid

Take that big, chunky piece of costume jewelry around your neck can do and weave it into a thick but loose braid. Bonus points if you do a trendy side braid.

Floral Jewelry

No better time to adorn your hair with flowers other than Springtime. If you have a necklace with a floral motif, wrap it in and around your basic topknot, low braid, or any other updo. You’ll instantly look more elegant!

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Necklace Headband 

Pull a hand full of your hair back behind your head to secure the jewelry using bobby pins or a headband. Keep your hair down and pin either side of the necklace to the headband.

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Dangling Necklace Crown

You know those long necklaces that drop midway down your chest. They’re meant to be wrapped and dangled. Instead of wearing them the usual way, try draping them around your head a few times. This looks especially great with a high bun.

Cuff Bracelet

This isn’t all about necklaces, though. Almost any piece of jewelry can look good in your hair if you’re creative with it. If you have a sturdy cuff bracelet, try pinning it around a bun. Not only will it hold your hair in place, but it looks totally fashionable, too.