Ringlets provide instant oomph to flat or lackluster hair. They can be used to add texture, volume, and dimension on both long and short styles. Whether you were blessed at birth with naturally curly hair or have the tools necessary to create these corkscrew curls yourself, beautiful curls can gave any haircut softness and elegance. If you’re ready to rock ringlets, check out these five stylish hairstyle ideas.

Double Braid

To achieve this look, pull all of your hair to one side, then split the hair into two halves. Create a fishtail with one of the halves and secure the end with an elastic band. Next, traditionally braid the other half and wrap it horizontally around the fishtail just underneath the ear. Use bobby pins to secure the braid in place. Allow a few ringlets to fall to frame your face.

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Low Side Bun

This low side bun hairstyle is a classic and sophisticated look that can be achieved in just minutes. Start by pulling your hair to one side. Begin using bobby pins to secure the hair to the side so that the curls fall onto one shoulder. On the alternate side, use bobby pins to push the hair upwards off your face. Bunch the curls and continue to secure the hair until all the ringlets are held in place.

Faux Bob

Use a thin scarf to transform your long ringlets into an edgy faux bob. Wrap the scarf around your head in the same manner as a head band. Tie the scarf in a knot and tuck the loose ends. Pull your hair into a messy bun at the nape of the neck and secure with a butterfly clip. Use a section of scarf to hide the clip to create your faux bob.

Heightened Ponytail

If you love the casual look of a ponytail but don’t want your hair to fall flat, try this new and improved technique. Pull your hair back and into a ponytail as you would normally. After securing the ponytail with an elastic band, grab the section of hair on the top of your head and pull it slightly forward to create volume. Also pull a few strands loose at the front of the head to frame the face.

Elegant Quiff

A classic quiff is an excellent hairstyle option for nearly any occasion. To create this look, backcomb your ringlets to create extra volume. Pull back the top section of hair and secure with bobby pins to create a poof. Use product to make your ringlets appear shiny and bouncy. Apply holding spray to keep your hair looking great all day.

Also known as tube curls, ringlets are a fun way to turn your hair from ordinary to extraordinary. Try these simple hairstyles to enhance your ringlets.