Yes, it’s getting warmer, but don’t let the it fool you. There will be periods when air becomes cool and dry without warning. Cool air sucks the moisture from your skin and hair and the loss of water can result in split ends and breakage (yikes)! While there’s not much you can do to control the weather, you can protect your hair from dryness with a few simple tricks:

Deep Condition Once a Month

One of the top ways to protect your hair from cooler weather is by deep conditioning it. Completing a deep conditioning treatment monthly, you will help your hair by adding much needed moisture.


Keeping your hair hydrated starts from the inside out. It is recommended to have a daily consumption of water. This will keep your hair in healthy condition.  Consult with a professional on how much water you should be drinking daily.

Keep Ends Trimmed

Clipping your ends regularly rids your hair of split ends and any hair that is otherwise damaged. Visiting your hairstylist at least once every 6 weeks will save yourself a world of time and effort in regards to maintaining healthy hair.

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