In the last 10 to 15 years, we have become more conscious sustainability. With modern technology, we are seeing innovation within the beauty industry that hasn’t been seen before! The market is now producing high-quality brands of hair dye that is also cruelty-free. As we enter into an era in which we no longer have to sacrifice our looks in favor of finding brands that are more humane, finding vegan hair dyes is easier than you might think. The following is a closer look at 3 of the top vegan hair dyes on trending right now.

Shea Moisture

A cruelty-free brand that caters to those with hair textures of all kinds, Shea Moisture has a collection of dyes that are both funky and affordable. Working to break the mold in terms of what is considered “good hair”, this brand will help take your look to the next level. This brand is unique in that it promotes healthy, natural hair for women from all walks of life.

Primary Syn

A hair color line that is 100% vegan, Primary Syn provides the ability to install permanent  and semi-permanent hair color from one single tube. Simple and convenient to use, try this hair dye if you love looking great as much as you love animals.

Good Dye Young

Not only does it have an awesome name, but the Good Dye Young brand is a cruelty-free hair color line created by Hayley Phillips of the band, Paramore. Including funky colors such as “blue ruin”, “ex-girl”, “steal my sunshine”, and more, this is the perfect line of hair dyes for someone who loves to look cool, but doesn’t want to sacrifice innocent wildlife in order to do so.

Overall, finding high-quality, vegan hair dyes doesn’t have to be as difficult as it seems. Simply try one of the lines mentioned in this post or find a few of your own to try.