The Messy Bun

First and foremost, the messy bun is an easy, fun way to switch up your look and give you hair a rest at the very same time. Super simple to install, simply gather your hair as though you are making a ponytail and rather than pulling the hair all the way out of your chosen accessory, simply wrap the hair around itself and secure the band. Cute and easy to do, this is a great style for the days you will be running in and out of building.

The Natural Look

Similarly, you may or may not be aware that there is a natural hair movement currently sweeping the world at large. Women of all walks of life have been embracing their natural hair in recent years. One of the simplest looks to achieve, the natural look consists of you simply making the best of the hair you have. That means no straighteners or other utensils to make your hair look more tamed. Rather, simply make sure that your hair is clean and dry and let the tresses fall where they may!


Depending on your present age, you may or may not remember the huge crimping trend that took place in the mid-90. Either way, a style that consists of a slew of free-flowing waves, crimping your hair not only looks amazing, but it also lasts for days at a time.

With these styles you are well on your way to finding your own signature style that is as fabulous as it is low maintenance!