Every year, Pantone announces a color that trends for the whole year. Last year was a nice periwinkle color called Serenity. This year the color is Greenery (15-0343) and it is a bright shade of — you guessed it — green. From Michael Kors to Mary Katrantzou, designers are weaving the Greenery hue throughout their lines with intention. You should be able to find a lot of high end pieces in Greenery if you are hoping to fill out your wardrobe with a bright, fun shade for spring and summer 2017.

Just a Pop

Accessories are the perfect way to tie in a fabulous color without needing to reinvent an entire wardrobe. Even Ray-Ban sunglasses are showing off the fabulous shade of green gradient in the Wayfarer Liteforce style. If you haven’t planned to add in the Greenery color, accessories are easier to add in a moment’s notice without breaking the bank.

Get Inspired

The great thing about a feature color isn’t that you need to own a bunch of stuff in that hue, but that it might inspire you for other looks. Let Greenery inspire you. How can you pair it or highlight it? Remember, from fingernails to eyeshadow, there are a lot of ways to incorporate a color without owning a single fashion piece in that color.

Find the Jewels

The August birthstone is the perfect shade of green to match this year’s highlight color. The peridot isn’t a very expensive stone, but that pop of green on your wrist, ears, neck or fingers can really make a statement. Be on the lookout for peridot jewelry that is affordable, unique and fantastic in this trending color.

Green is absolutely the perfect spring and summer color, so make sure you jump on this trend early in 2017! You will appreciate the energy and positive feelings that this beautiful color of green omits. Choose versatile items so you can wear this color all year round, pairing it with oranges or browns for fall and blues or deep reds for winter!