Having thin hair can be a pain. But you don’t have to settle for flat hair forever–not if you know how to style your thin hair. See, when you style it right, your thin hair can actually boast lots of volume. It’s all about knowing the right tricks, and below we’ve gathered some of the best thin hair styles. For best results¬†take this list to your hairstylist!

Beachy Waves

The key to creating bounce and volume when styling carefree beach waves is to alternate the curling iron direction as you make your way through your hair. Doing so gives the look much more dimension. Then, don’t forget to delicately run your fingers through the strands after you finish curling and hair spraying. That’s what gives this style such a cool vibe.

Trendy Headband

For those times you need to call in a little reinforcement, look no further than one of the gorgeous headbands currently trending. Whether you like a floral style or metallic look, a headband will give your thin hair a fashionable 3D element. It’s like built-in volume without the effort.

Tousled Braid

When styling thin hair, it’s important not to pull any styles too tight. Otherwise, your hair looks flat instead of full. Try twisting your tresses into a regular, French, or fishtail braid, and bring it over one shoulder. Then, carefully pull at the pieces in the braid, loosening it provide more volume.

Subtle Pompadour

Though we’re totally onboard with the poof staying in the past, there’s nothing wrong with a subtle pompadour to give you a sexy yet classic look. Don’t be afraid to tease the roots all around your part, creating lots of drama and height. Then, softly pull back the front pieces and pin them to lower the poof. Style the rest of your hair like you want (updo or not). It’s all about the height here.

Messy Updo

Anytime you want an updo, remember that keeping it loose and tousled (like the braid) is the way to go for thin hair. Try securing your updo with a clip or similar tool so it doesn’t pull too hard. Then, tease the roots, and bring some face-framing pieces out to create a messy yet polished look.