Environmental factors and lifestyle habits can contribute to dry or damaged tresses. Oils secreted from the scalp provide the hair with essential hydration. To restore hair back to full health, many turn to hair oils. One of the easiest ways to promote natural hair growth is through the application of oils. Oils provide hydration and nourishment while fostering body and shine. They contain nourishing ingredients that moisturize hair follicles for softer, stronger, and all-around healthier locks.

The Good

When it comes to your hair care products, you’ll be glad to know there’s many great hair oils on the market. Coconut oil is among one of the best. Not only does it repair hair damage and breakage, it also acts as a heat protectant, helps to prevent hair loss, and actually aids in new hair growth. Coconut oil keeps the hair well-nourished with only one to four treatments a month.

Extracted from the argan tree, argan oil can do wonders for your hair. Just a few drops are needed to nourish, moisturize, and protect your hair from heat. The oil can also reduce frizziness and help repair dry or brittle tresses. Jojoba oil is also an excellent hair oil that greatly mimics the properties of the oil naturally produced by our scalps. Jojoba oil deeply moisturizes hair follicles, while also treating problems like dry scalp and dandruff.

The Bad

While most natural oils can be beneficial for hair, mineral oil is not one of them. While mineral oil is derived from crude oil, meaning it has some organic origins, it is a commercial product that does not occur naturally. Mineral oil has been known to irritate the scalp, which can impair healthy hair growth.