Personal trainers are known for their ability to help clients avoid injury, while at the same time providing motivation and invaluable workout tips. Though you may not never be able to afford on-call, celebrity-level personal service from a fitness guru, but you’ll likely be surprised how incredible an investment in personal trainers actually be. It just takes a little research, and the willingness to be flexible.

Using Your Gym Membership

If you tend to just zip in and out of your local Y or gym without looking at the bulletin board, you may have missed personal trainers on staff. You’ll have to pay a bit extra on top of your membership fee, but a 30-minute session with a personal trainer at the gym can start at $40 or less. Best of all, you’ll have access to all of the fitness center’s facilities during your personalized coaching.

Scouting for Personal Trainer Discounts

If you can commit to several months of the service, your trainer may offer a payment plan option — even for at-home service. Additionally, “off peak” sessions are frequently discounted, and ideal for those who can come in mid-morning or mid-afternoon. Other options for personal trainer prices include working out with a partner or small group, or signing up for “virtual” training, which allows you to work out at home, while your trainer monitors via Skype or similar technology.

“Investment” Personal Training

Of course, even discounted personal trainer fees can add up when multiplied by three or four workouts a week. Remember that you can still get a lot out of the occasional personal trainer session. Use these periodic customized coaching sessions as a way for your professional to assess your current progress and your technique, then run you through better ways to make future workouts on your own really count.