Going to the salon to get a fresh hairstyle is one of the most enjoyable activities a person can experience. To make it even better, you need to understand some things your stylist wished you knew about your visit. Before booking your next salon day, read below to learn what your stylists wished you knew about salon etiquette.

You Should have Realistic Expectations

It is pretty common for women to come into a salon with an expectation of what they want their hair to look like after their appointment, often based on celebrity hairstyles. Sometimes, these expectations can be met and other times they are simply not reasonable. When choosing a celebrity’s hair style to emulate, make sure you choose a celebrity whose hair is similar to your own. For example, if your hair is fine, straight and long, don’t choose a celebrity with think short, thick and curly hair in which to find inspiration. To do so would create unrealistic expectations.

Have some Idea of What You Want

The other extreme of having the wrong expectations is not having any at all. Coming to your salon visit with absolutely no idea what you want isn’t a good idea either. A hair stylist never wants to hear, “I just want a change, but I don’t know what I want.” Even if you don’t exactly know what you want, have some idea what you want out of your visit.

Understand that the Process Takes Time

Getting beautiful takes time, so allow enough time for your visit. Shampoo, cutting, coloring and styling hair isn’t always a fast process. Therefore, don’t rush your stylist. Also, don’t expect to get in and out of your salon visit in only an hour. Enjoy your “me” time.

Don’t Ignore Your Stylist

You don’t have to have a deep heart-to-heart with your stylist. However, it’s awkward and a bit rude to ignore them. Put your phone down, don’t act like your stylist is invisible and have a bit of light hearted banter. Feel free to surf on your phone all you like while at the dryers or other stations, but when your stylist is working on your hair and asking you questions, be present.

Stylists want you to know the points listed above before your next salon visit. Keep them in mind and don’t forget to enjoy getting pampered!